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djp73 wrote:
11 Mar 2019, 13:00
Soapy wrote:
11 Mar 2019, 08:29
djp73 wrote:
04 Mar 2019, 10:40
he a made man now
if it isn't obvious, donte is half-black. you aint never seen goodfellas slime? ;)
I'd picked up on that, and yes.
same situation as Henry and Jimmy then slime vis a vis being a made man.

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Post by Soapy » 18 Mar 2019, 08:26

"Make sure you guys put some extra cheese on this man's order."

Donte cracked a smile before extending his arm out over the counter and shaking the man's hand, "I'm really sorry about, sir."

"It's all in the past," the middle aged man laughed, proud of himself for his call-back joke.

Donte let him keep the change -- about $5 worth -- before walking towards his booth. Miles had gotten there earlier and was already digging into his sandwich. No complaints on his part about the lack of cheese.

"It's not going to grow legs and walk out of here," Donte grimaced as he took a seat.

Miles looked up, put the sandwich and wiped the side of his mouth, "I'm fucking starving, clearly. Been up since yesterday morning, I'm so tired yet hungry yet I can't even go home right now."

"Busy night?"

"We had some business to take care of on Rivers Road," Miles explained, "Didn't get home until 3 in the morning, went to visit my favorite freak and next thing I knew it was six o'clock and the little rascals was coming to pick up their drops. Been running in and out, up and down all morning so this little visit right here is a lifesaver."

"The business on Rivers Road," Donte turned around to make sure no one was behind him, "Going to see it on the news?"

"No," Miles laughed, "That's why it's called Dead Mans Road."

"Just make sure mans don't show up pon mi road," Donte said in an exaggerated Jamaican accent, drawing a laugh out of Miles.

"Here's your order," said a young girl that brought over Donte's sandwich and his drink.

"Thanks," Donte said as the girl tried to quickly walk away. He grabbed her arm which startled her, "Relax, just take this."

Donte slipped a few dollar bills into her pocket as she tried to avoid making eye contact while nodding her head.

"I don't get my food delivered to me," Miles said in protest as she girl walked back towards the cashier area.

"Delivered? It's a few feet away."


"Focus," Donte smiled, "How's business?"

"It ain't bad," Miles shrugged, "There's a lot more to it than I thought but it's well worth having one less piece of the pie taken away from me."

"What does 'ain't bad' mean? I'm talking raw numbers, here."

"You're name not Sam and you sure ain't my uncle," Miles said defensively, "It's good, I might pocket a grand or two a week after I'm done paying off a dead man's debt."

"It's y'all debt," Donte corrected him, "Speaking of, how much would it take to make you whole?"

"About 20," Miles swayed his head from side to side as he tried to do the math, "Bernard knocked it down quite a bit before he got slept and I did too, the rest of the money came from the runner's pay. They weren't too happy but fuck they going to do, call the labor office? Only did that for a few weeks though, now I just take it out of my end."

"If you were whole," Donte took a bite of his sandwich, "How much more money would you be pocketing a week?"

"Probably four or five."

Donte reached into his pocket and brought out a manila envelope that was struggling to stay intact and not bust open.

"It's about 28 grand in there," Donte looked directly into Miles' eyes.

"You're for real?"

"It's an investment," Donte nodded, "I don't do percentages. Two thousand dollars a week."


"Until forever," Donte scoffed.

"Fuck out of here," Miles slid the money back across the table, "Two bands until the debt is repaid and I'll give you back an extra ten on top of that for interest."

"Enjoy your sandwich," Donte took a big bite out of what was left of his sandwich and grabbed the envelope as he started getting up.

"Whoa," Miles put his hands up, "This is a negotiation."

"This isn't a loan," Donte said with emphasis, "It's an investment. You're not looking for one right now, cool."

"Sit down," Miles said, "Please. How about 1.5?"




"Don't fuck my mother please," Miles wiped his hands, "You've got yourself a deal. You're a real fucker, you know?"

"Can't make any promises," Donte sat back down and took one of Miles' chips.

"I thought you I-talians didn't do this shit."

"This is my mamma side sitting here right now."
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Post by Caesar » 20 Mar 2019, 20:39

How you not going to include not smashing folk mom in there?

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Post by Soapy » 24 Mar 2019, 07:55

Caesar wrote:
20 Mar 2019, 20:39
How you not going to include not smashing folk mom in there?
she was smashing him.

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Post by Soapy » 24 Mar 2019, 08:39

"The meat is overpowering," Robbie pushed the plate of food away from him as he sat back, placing his hands atop his now full stomach.

"What do you mean it's overpowering?" Ronny asked with a puzzled look on his face, "You ate the whole fucking thing without complaint."

"It's too much meat," Robbie shrugged, "I don't know what you want me to tell you."

"It's good," Donte interjected, "The bacon really brings it home, Ronny."

"Thank you," he scoffed, "At least some appreciates me around here."

"Where the fuck is he?" Charlie said as he got up from the couch and started to walk around.

Right on queue, the door handle jiggled before the door swung open and in came Bobby, wiping the snow off of his jacket and directly onto the living room floor.

"Good thing I didn't bring y'all food," Bobby started sniffing around as he made his way through the kitchen, "Way too much meat in that sauce though."

"See, I told you!"

"How can you tell?" Ronny asked, "You haven't even tasted it."

"I'm guessing you didn't come here to discuss Ronny's meat choices," Charlie said flatly.

"Got somewhere to be, champ?"

"I do," Charlie replied.

"Tell them you're going to be late then," Bobby shot right back, prompting Charlie to take a seat.

"I have a job for you boys," Bobby plopped himself down on one of the empty sofa chairs, "Well, it's from Little Al. I guess he's finally noticed your potential."

"About damn time," Robbie muttered.

"First thing first," Bobby sat up, "All this little side comment shit and all the little fucking 'me, me, me, me' shit is ending right fucking now. I treat you boys like my kids but it's time to drop that entire fucking act and become grown fucking men. You understand me?!"

"Yes, sir." they all said, a bit shocked by Bobby's unexpected outburst.

"It's in Vermont," Bobby started his spiel, "Little Al has already set it up, it just need someone to take the ball from the goal-line into the end zone. There is a bank in Island Pond, a bit up the road from Montpelier. It's a quit, shitty little town but it happens to have a decent sized bank and someone we have on the side that can make it work."

"Thought we didn't do banks," Donte commented but all he got from Bobby was a side-eye.

"You're going to meet our men on the inside there on the third, hang around the city for a minute but not too much, don't stand out. On the fourth, they will go through a dry run with the plan. On the fifth, you guys are going to hit the joint for all it's got and they'll be on their way to Canada while you boys bring the bacon back home."

"What's the plan?" Donte asked.

"I don't know," Bobby explained, "We don't know, they do."

"How much money are we talking?" Donte kept firing away questions.

"Anywhere from two to four million," Bobby answered.

"What's the split?" Donte kept on his inquisition while the rest of the room was silent.

"70/30," Bobby said just loud enough for the crew to hear.

"No fucking way," Donte got up and let out a chuckle, "You have to be bullshitting me, uncle Bobby."

"It's still 30 fucking percent of four million!"

"It's two to four million," Donte corrected him, "It could be two which is just six hundred grand and by the time it gets to us, we're looking at what, maybe 100 grand to split between the three of us?"

"When I found you," Bobby got up as well, "You had never even fucking seen a grand so calm your fucking act right about now and humble yourself, kid."

"The third of next month?" Charlie asked.

"You have plenty of time," Bobby nodded.

"To do what? We don't even fucking know the plan so it might as well be tomorrow," Donte snapped at Bobby before turning around and walking towards his room.

"Come the third you're in that fucking car I gave you and driving to fucking Vermont! And that's fucking it, understand me?"

Donte ignored him as he made his way through the hallway. Harping back to his high school days, Bobby took off in a dead sprint like a fullback going down hill on an iso dive. He caught Donte by surprised, grabbed him by the back of his neck and slammed him face first onto the nearby wall.

Charlie tried to intervene but Ronny and Robbie held him back.

"Don't you ever turn your fucking back on me!" Bobby screamed into Donte's ear as he kept slamming his head up against the wall, "Come the third, you're in that fucking to car to Vermont!"

Bobby slammed Donte on the wall a few times before pulling him away and slinging him to the floor. Donte stumbled around but eventually regained his balance as blood continued to leak from his nose and above his eye.

"Yes, massa."

Bobby kept huffing and puffing before slowly backing away and out the door he went.

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Post by Soapy » 01 Apr 2019, 08:36

"Mom! Dad!"

"What?!" yelled a voice from inside the house that Donte recognized but wouldn't describe as familiar.

"Donte is here," the girl never broke eye contact with Donte as she still hadn't opened the door completely.

"Go on," Bobby swung the door open, sending her on her way. Donte forced a smile towards Andrea, Bobby's youngest, but she simply walked away.

"Here's what you asked for," Donte handed over the box of frozen veal that he had just acquired after their most recent job.

"Perfect," Bobby smiled as he grabbed the box. Donte turned around to walk back towards his car but Bobby called for him.

"Where are you going? We're about to have dinner, come eat."

Donte slowly walked into the house, the same house he sat through many awkward dinners for and figured another couldn't hurt. Dominique stepped out the kitchen and exchanged a harsh look with Donte before pulling her husband to the side.

"I didn't cook have enough food for another mouth," Dominique said just loud enough to make sure that Donte could overhear them.

"Nonsense," Bobby scoffed as he grabbed another plate from the kitchen and placed it on the table, "All the kids do is nibble anyway, it'll be fine. Junior and Leo! Get your ass downstairs!"

Donte sort of lingered around the table as the two boys came running down the stairs. They each looked at Donte then at their mom before they both shook Donte's hand.

"Have a seat," Bobby instructed Donte as he sheepishly sat as far away from Dominique as possible and still be on the table.

They shared a quick prayer, led by Dominique, before they started digging into their meals. The conversations were short and brief as Bobby almost interrogated his children about what was going on in their lives, updates on friend, any issues they were having. Donte couldn't help but feel bad about his desperate attempt to build a close bond with his children or maybe Donte was the cause of this tension.

"So Donte," Bobby put his fork down, "How's the car running?"

"It's been great," Donte replied, drawing a roll of the eyes from Dominique, "You know what? I'm not feeling well, I think I'm going to take off."

"You okay?" Bobby asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"Don't worry about it," Donte assured him as he got up, "I'm still good for tomorrow."

Bobby nodded.

"The chicken might have just been a bit under cook," Donte said as he tried his best to withhold his smirk as he walked back from the kitchen after cleaning his plate, "See you on the other side, uncle Bobby."


"Where can we get some decent Italian food around here?"

"Italian food?" the gas station attendant looked at Charlie like he was speaking another language, "The diner up the road on Derby has everything, I'm sure they gotta have some spaghetti meatballs or something."

Charlie sighed before nodding his head and getting back into the car after filling up the car. He reeked of gas but no one complained as none of them wanted to be the ones to step outside in the frigid temperatures.

"There's a diner up the road," Charlie instructed, "We'll call them there."


Donte turned his head around once he heard the door chime and in came two guys that appeared to be in their late 30s. One of them sported a large mustache while the other had a clean shave with both of them rocking a buzz cut that one would see in a military recruiting pamphlet. They both looked around for a bit before walking towards Donte's booth.

"Good to see you boys," said the one with the mustache, "I'm Eric, we spoke on the phone. This is Oliver."

"You can call me Oly," said the other guy as he flashed his smile and shook everyone's hand. They both took a seat the end of the booth as silenced ruled the table.

"How's the food?" asked Eric, drawing an approving and disingenuous nod from Ronny and Robbie. Charlie and Donte remained quiet.

"Welcome to Island Pond," Eric laughed, "The food is shit, the weather is terrible and the women are even worse."

"I saw a few joints I wouldn't mind poking," said Robbie, drawing a laugh out of the three of them. Ronny joined in as well.

"We might as well get to it," Oly shrugged, "You guys have the car I'm assuming?"

"Not yet," Ronny answered right away but Donte held his hand up.

"Let's get the check first," Donte stopped him as he pulled out his wallet and dropped a $40 bill on the table.

"Good tipper," Eric joked.

"People remember the faces of the bad ones," Donte explained, not sure the nature of Eric's little sly comment.

They all got up and walked out of the restaurant before huddling up around the car that they had been crammed up inside for the last six hours.

"What's the hold up on the car?" Eric asked.

"We get it the day of," Charlie broke his silence, "By the time someone reports it stolen and the cops are actually looking for it, it's already done with. We do it today, they'll be looking for it two days from now."

"We'll drive up to Morgan and case a few tomorrow," Donte explained, "Also get acquainted with the state roads and what not. We'll get it in the morning, don't worry about it. And your cars?"

"All ready to go," Oliver scoffed, "We've had them for weeks now so I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe that's the way y'all do things down here."

"We enjoy not being caught," Charlie replied.

"We're pretty good at it too," Donte added.

"I've been doing this before you were probably born, boy. We'll teach y'all a thing or two come Thursday," Eric said with a sly smile.

Donte let out a small smirk before nodding his head. "Sounds like don't really need us then. Could have saved us a trip."

"Donte," Ronny said firmly.

"What?" Donte shrugged.

"We don't," Eric said bluntly, "We just needed a few people's approvals before this went down and somehow y'all got involved. We've done scores like this before, have y'all?"

Donte and Charlie both looked at each other and held each other's gaze for a few seconds.

"You guys have everything under control it seems," Donte said flatly, "We might as well go over the plans since this should be a piece of cake."

"It should," Oly confirmed, "We'll be doing the heavy lifting so you can put your feet up, boy."

"We just need you guys to be at this warehouse with the two cars," Eric took out a piece of paper and gave it to Ronny, "We'll drop ours off at your place that morning or whenever y'all want. Show up with our car to this address and that's it."

"How are you getting the money out?" Donte asked.

"It'll be out," Eric shot back.


"What's it to you?"

"Are we serious right now?" Donte asked the rest of his crew, turning his back towards Eric and Oly.

"This boy really giving me his back," Eric threw his hands up in disbelief.

"We'll be there," Charlie said flatly as him and Donte shared another look, "Do your part, we'll do ours. We're staying at the hotel off Brighton Road. Drop the car off tomorrow."

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no post this week.
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need to catch up

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this shit had potential.
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I'd write a nice zombie attack ending to wrap this up.
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