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Donte Bell

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"You can't go out like that."

"Why not?"

Donte turned around and entered the bathroom, tucking down on his collared white shirt with the blue stripe. The girls from the east loved how the shirt brought out his hazel colored eyes. His aunt Jenny had brought him that shirt when he was in the ninth grade and he had filled out nicely into it.

"You look like one of those colored folks on television," joked Ronny, "Marching and shit."

"Come here," Robbie grabbed Donte out of the bathroom into his room. Despite living together for nearly the past year, Donte had never been inside of his room. He had never been inside of any of their rooms.

"This gonna look good on you," Robbie threw him a black turtleneck, "Wear it with these and just for tonight, you can wear my jewelry."

"What's wrong with that I got on?" Donte finally asked, away from the ridicule of Ronny.

"This is good for like going to lunch and shit," Robbie took a drag of his cigarette, "It says 'please like me because I'm a nice guy and maybe you'll have sex with me' while this right here? It screams 'you're going to have sex with me because someone else might', you understand?"

Donte didn't put up much of a fight. Robbie was a sharp dresser, even when he just threw something on. His hair was never out of place and the ladies always took a liking to him. Donte didn't have much experience going out, especially not to a night club like Marvin's Room. Martin used to drag him out to a few speakeasy's here and there and they'd always end up outside of Marvin's Room, watching the ladies get out in their expensive dresses into expensive cars. It never dawned on them to try to get in. They'd just watch.


"Take it easy!"

Donte put his hand on Charlie's shoulder, trying to calm him down as he hollered some more insults. Donte could smell the alcohol oozing from his skin as Charlie finally turned around and fixed his shirt, making sure all of the buttons were still intact.

"Why would I steal a bottle when I have five grand in my fucking pocket?!"

"You're going to get us robbed," Donte couldn't help but laugh as he escorted his friend away from the club entrance or rather exit.

"Wait," Charlie took a deep breath, "Where's Robbie and them?"

"We didn't exactly coordinate our exit," Donte explained, "I'm sure they'll figure it out eventually."

"If it ain't this nigga," a voice said from behind Donte as Charlie was now slumped on his shoulder.

Donte turned around to see a familiar face. The last time they were in a room together, he was stuffing a brown paper bag. His own, hard-earned money that Donte had literally taken away from him.

"Relax," Miles said as he put his hands up, "Tonight's a night of partying."

Donte noticed Jamie was right behind him, avoiding eye contact as she played with her hair.

"You're pretty," slurred Charlie as he tried to reach his hand out towards Jamie but Donte dragged him back.

"He's trying to make his own little Donte," Miles joked to his sister, "Shit, aren't we all after that shit you pulled?"

"Listen..." Donte tried to explain himself.

"All good," Miles shrugged, "I respect the hustle, can't knock it. Besides, all you did was raise the price of the work across this entire city so if a couple of dope fiends start looking for you, you have it coming."

"It was business," Donte sighed.

Jamie let out a loud scoff before turning her head around and rejoining the line that was behind her to get into the club.

"You've got some fucking nerve," said another familiar voice coming from behind Donte.

Donte was now sandwiched between Miles and Bernard, along with a few of his entourage. He didn't look as forgiving as Miles who had now placed himself between Donte and Bernard's group.

"Not here," Miles pleaded, "Not now, not never. We don't need this shit. We already paid the price for it, If we were going to do it, we would have done it before giving that motherfucker that money. That's just stupid business now."

"He showing out," Bernard shouted.

"Jamie, get out of here." Donte instructed.

"Fuck you," she shot back.

"I like her a lot," Charlie chuckled.

Just in time, Ronny and Robbie came stumbling out the club as well. "There you are!"

"This your crew now?" asked Bernard.

"What about it?" Ronny said, puffing his chest out. "Who the fuck are these guys, Donte?"

"Fucking guidos," spat one of his crew members.

"Hold on," Charlie laughed as he made his way to the front of the standoff, "Those are the motherfuckers we stole from?"

"You've got to be kidding me," Robbie literally spat out the rest of his drink.

"Let's dead this shit man," Donte pleaded to Miles, trying to let cooler heads prevail.

"Let's just get in there and get at some bitches," Miles told Bernard, tapping his chest, "We look too fly to be getting into fights right now, man."

Bernard seethed for what seemed like eternity before nodding his head, "Fuck them niggas man, bunch of pussies."

"Carry on," Charlie waved his hand in a dismissive fashion.

"If I see you again, I'm gonna kill you, faggot." Bernard said with a hint of disgust in his voice. Donte certainly believed me.

"Shut up," Charlie whined, "These fucking jungle bunnies, always yapping their fucking gums. Thank god we got one of the good ones, actually knows when to shut the fuck up."

With just a few words, a melee ensured. Donte wasn't really sure what happened or who hit him or who he was hitting but after a while, it was just a bunch of commotions. He got punched on, kicked at but he was just worried about not falling on the floor. He regained his balanced and swung back a few times, pushing a few bodies away from him. He was just aiming for black after a while. Anything that was black that moved was getting swung on. The fight spilled onto the street and eventually onto traffic as cars started blaring their horns.

Donte slowly found his way back towards Charlie and grabbed him by the shirt. The groups eventually got separated out of sheer fatigue as they tried to catch their breath.

"It's on sight!" yelled out Bernard.

"We gon' put the 300 on your head boy!" yelled out another as they slowly retreated into the opposite direction.

Donte tried to locate where Miles and Jamie were but he was being pulled away by his boys, "Let's get the fuck out of here!"


"You boys look like trouble," said one of the waitresses as she brought over four Cokes.

"We just got into a fight," said Robbie, "Why don't you sit down here and nurse me back to health?"

"He left his manners right next to his fucking brain," Charlie took out a ten dollar bill and placed it on her palm, "For your forthcoming troubles."

"Aren't you a sweetheart?" she flashed a smile, "I've got your burgers coming in a minute."

"Thank god you sobered up," Donte sighed, "Baby sitting him is enough work by myself, let alone all three of you."

"I was being a good boy," Ronny explained, "If it wasn't for these deep shits, we could have got some quality tail while working the club lines outside."

"Don't you have a woman?" Robbie asked with a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

"What she don't know won't hurt," Ronny said with a wink.

"Disgusting," Robbie groaned, "I just keep thinking about your pasty white gut smacking up against those flapjacks of her."

"Watch your mouth."

"D," Charlie reached over and tapped Donte on the shoulder, "What I know I didn't mean it?"

"What did you say?" Robbie asked, completely oblivious to the situation.

"Don't worry about it," Donte kept his eyes fixated on his Coke bottle.

"For real," Charlie reiterated, "It's a fucked up thing to say, fucked up to think that way. I'm learning, you know? I've got, what, 23 years of undoing to do? It's going to take some time but trust me, my heart is pure."

"What a fag," Robbie laughed.

"I'm being serious," Charlie slapped Robbie on the head, "What was that girl by the way?"

"You mean who she was? She's Miles' little sister," Donte sat upright, "We went to school together, kind of grew up together."

"Good looking girl," Charlie nodded.

"Who the fuck is Riles?" asked Ronny.

"The dude from the club," Donte answered, "Well, outside the club. The one black guy that wasn't trying to take our heads off."

"I might need to walk around with a picture," Charlie joked, "Not saying they all look alike but it was just sort of dark, you know?"

"You're talking about the dude with the green jacket?" Robbie asked as he sort of aimlessly stared at the window.

"That's Bernard," Donte explained, taking another sip of his drink.

"He had like a really big chain, right?"

"Yes," Donte answered, growing a bit impatient with this game of 'sketch-a-negro'.

"Pretty sure he's standing right there," Robbie laughed as he pointed outside the window and into the parking lot.

Donte quickly whipped his neck around and saw just that, Bernard sitting on the edge of a car hood along with some of his friends. It was less of them this time, just two other guys as they appeared to be sharing a smoke. They seemed at ease, passing a bottle around as they each took a vigorous swig.

"You think they followed us here?" Ronny slumped into his chair, "What the fuck?!"

"Goddamn it," Donte muttered under his breathe.

"He said on sight right?" Charlie grabbed a pair of napkins and wiped his hands. Donte sort of looked at him with a strange look on his face, unsure of what was going on. Charlie calmly got up and started walking towards the exit.

"The fuck is he doing?" Donte asked Ronny and Robbie but they simply shrugged before also getting up as well. Donte stayed in his seat as he saw Charlie walk out of the restaurant and into the parking lot. It was poorly lit but Bernard's green jacket stood out, as did the object that Charlie pulled out of his back pocket and brandished. He let it hang by his side as he continued to calmly walk towards the three of them, still just hanging around, enjoying drinks.

Without seemingly a word being exchanged, Charlie raised his arm and once again, Donte found himself running out of a restaurant.

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Post by Soapy » 20 Feb 2019, 21:38

Hope y'all enjoyed season 1.

y'all better show love or ain't no season 2.

no cap.
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Post by Caesar » 21 Feb 2019, 00:46

Soapy wrote:
20 Feb 2019, 21:38
Hope y'all enjoyed season 1.

y'all better show love or ain't no season 2.

no cap.
When the writer sound like a woman you ain't text in a couple hours. :smh:
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Post by djp73 » 21 Feb 2019, 07:10

nice update, Donte got some shit on his hands now

in for season 2

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Post by Soapy » 04 Mar 2019, 08:51

"Where's the shrimp?"

Bobby peaked his head inside of the truck and continue to rummage around.

"Where's the fucking shrimp, D?" Bobby said again as he flicked a distracted Donte's ear.

"Ow," Donte said as he switched his attention away from the slim figure that was walking across the street and towards Bobby, "What about the shrimp?"

"There isn't any," Donte said as he glanced at Ronny who simply shrugged his shoulders.

"I told you I wanted shrimp," Bobby said in frustration as he motioned towards Ronny and Robbie.

They both started taking out boxes out of the truck and loaded them up into Bobby's car. His brand new Suburban, which served almost as a lighthouse that business was good. It was doing good, even great.

Bobby's crew, which inside the Fiore organization was comically referred to as 'Bobby's Bunch', had perfected the art of stealing shit. They were really good at it to the point that a lot of the times, the drivers knew what the situation was soon as they saw that foursome with their masks on heading towards the cockpit of the truck. They made sure to not pinch the same guys over and over again. It'd be a seafood truck one day, one carrying alcohol a few days later and in two weeks, it'd be a truck filled with clothes. As far as they knew, they didn't have any heat on them from the police and their operation somehow managed to stay under the radar despite robbing about $20,000 worth of goods a month.

"I'll get you the shrimp next time," Donte patted Bobby on the back as he lit out his cigarette.

"I had a gift for you too," Bobby shook his head before reaching into his pocket and handing Donte a set of keys, his old 1977 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu.

Donte went to grab them but Bobby pulled his hand away, "I need you to keep it up and running until Bobby Jr. is old enough to drive in a couple of years and I don't ever want to see you late, ever again."

"Of course," Donte grinned as he stared longingly at the turquoise colored coupe that he had been driving in since he was a kid. Even though it was just temporary, it was still his. Despite pocketing a lot of money, most of Donte's money went to supporting his aunt Jennie and the rest he stashed away. Even the extra money that he had pocketed from the deal with Coleman Ivey went straight to his stash. The 200 large t(he)y made got kicked up the ranks and by the time it came back down, they each got about ten grand. Donte no longer felt bad about keeping that extra fifty for himself.

"And I need you to run errands for me," Bobby instructed, "Like forever and ever, as long as you're driving that car."

"Yes, sir."

Bobby finally gave Donte the key and kissed him on the forehead. Donte shook the keys in his hands before jogging over to the car and starting it up.

This is what it felt like to be one of the guys.
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Post by djp73 » 04 Mar 2019, 10:40

he a made man now

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Post by Soapy » 11 Mar 2019, 08:29

djp73 wrote:
04 Mar 2019, 10:40
he a made man now
if it isn't obvious, donte is half-black. you aint never seen goodfellas slime? ;)

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"I need you here on Thursday," Sofia said towards Charlie but he didn't turn his head around, "Charlie, did you hear me?"

"What?" Charlie abruptly turned around, boxes in hand.

"On Thursday," Sofia walked down the steps and towards Charlie who was standing in the doorway, "Ginger is having her thing on Thursday and I need you to take me there."

"I thought your sister was taking you there," Charlie sighed, "She don't work on Thursday nights."

"She can't anymore."

"Your brother will be back by then," Charlie rebutted, "I'll give him the night off."

"I am not going there in this state with Ronny," she scoffed, "That's how rumors get started. It's bad enough that I have to go to her fucking bridal shower like this but you want me to go there alone?!"

"Who the fuck schedules a bridal shower in the middle of the fucking week?!"

"It's fucking Thursday! That's not the middle of the fucking week, you stupid fuck!"

"Fuck you, you!"

Charlie opened the door and slammed it behind him as he walked away in an almost literal puff of smoke. He heard the door open up behind him but he didn't bother to turn around or even pay attention to the insults that were being hurled at him as he walked up the driveway and dropped the boxes in the back of the turquoise Malibu.

"Hey! Treat her with care!" Donte said with a slight smirk as he ran his across the hood of his car.

"I'm going to go bat shit crazy," Charlie opened yet another door, this time into the passenger side of Donte's car, and slammed it behind him.

"You keep abusing old Betsy like this and I'm going to go finish what Sofia started," Donte kept poking Charlie.

"You're lucky I didn't make Ronny and Robbie take your car for the job," Charlie finally shot back, "Too bad that motherfucker sticks out like a black man in Canada."

"Nice to see everything is going swell on the home front," Donte let out a chuckle.

"I don't know if I have another four months in me," Charlie shook his head, "And even after that, her father is going to be on my balls about tying the knot. Shit, her mother almost made us get married the day she found out. Thank god Sofia is too much of a fucking egotistical, vain bitch to ever get married while she's fat."

"Easy," Donte let out a groan and passed Charlie a cigarette before starting the car, "Ronny's going to fuck you up if you let that slip near him."

"Did you hear from them yet?"

"Called me from Ithaca about an hour ago," Donte answered, "You worry too much about your pups."

"They're fucking idiots and you know it," Charlie explained, "I don't know how Bobby expects me to whip them into shape. They're not cut from that cloth."

"And you are? I am?"

"Stop fishing for compliments," Charlie raised his eyebrows, "All I know is when all that shit went down last year, I don't know if they would have handled that situation as well as you did."

The rest of the car ride was rather silent. Donte figured that the yelling and arguing he saw during Charlie's exodus likely wasn't the first of its kind in that household. The news of Sofia's pregnancy had sent Charlie out of their shared apartment with the boys and he had moved in with Sofia and her family. A little family tree history.

Sofia was Ronny's sister whose mother, Sara, were uncle Bobby's wife's sister. Still following? Ronny was a bit an oaf so when they sent him to work with uncle Bobby at his car repair shop after he got kicked out of the tenth grade, they weren't thrilled when Ronny got pinched while running jobs for him. Ronny still managed to stick around and soon became one of the guys working for Bobby and Sara slowly accepted the fate of her dim witted son. She still had her two other daughters that seemed destined to make quality housewives until Charlie put one in the oven of her oldest. Needless to say, the Monticole's weren't popular in the D'Ambrosio - Florenzi household.

They pulled up to an apartment complex that was right on the edge of the bridge. It was technically on the west side but just barely and it looked like it as it was a bit run down and there was a distinct, foul smell as Donte got out of the car.

"I can let you hold something," Donte said half-kidding as they started unloading things out of his car.

"This is perfect," Charlie shrugged, "I need something shitty enough that Sofia won't ever dare try to move in and a hole in the wall where no one can find me."

"Got the hole part right," Donte muttered as they went up the steps.

There was an open area courtyard in the middle it was surrounded by the two stories of apartments, resembling that of a motel with lines of door down each four corners. Donte could envision this complex just a few years earlier, maybe a decade, as being cutting edge and different.

"I'm right here," Charlie held the boxes up against his chin as he freed his right hand and dug into his pocket before pulling out a set of keys. He unlocked the door and used his feet to swing it open before Donte followed him in.

He was pleasantly surprised. It came furnished with a couch and a dining table set although with Charlie's cooking skills, it figured it would serve little use. The interior was a lot cleaner than its shell as Donte put the boxes down and continued to look around.

"It's not bad at all actually," Donte said.

"It's going to get the job done," Charlie shrugged as they started unpacking.

It didn't take them long. Most of his stuff were still at their old apartment and Charlie didn't have a lot of things to begin with. Donte was sort of envious of how spacious the small apartment appeared to be when considering it was Charlie's and his alone. Despite feeling alone most of his life, he had never had the luxury of actually being alone.

"Appreciate it," Charlie said as they finished off their beer, "Seriously though, not a word to anyone."

"Lips are sealed," Donte threw his bottle in the trash can and grabbed his keys, "Before I go, though."

Donte reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash.

"Fuck is this?"

"From our last job," Donte explained as he placed it down on the dining table.

"It's charity," Charlie said sternly, "I wasn't there."

"You were handling your business," Donte shot back, "You're going to be a father now and I don't know shit about being father but I know a thing or two about not having one. They come first, we don't."

Charlie pierced into Donte's hazel colored eyes before putting his down and slowly nodding. Donte patted Charlie on the arm before turning around and heading towards the door.

"You need some food or some shit? I need to go into the city so I'm going to be coming back around here anyway."

"Mr. Chow's sounds pretty good," Charlie laughed as Donte opened the door.


Donte stopped in his tracks as he stared at her and she stared back, not saying a word.

"I knew you looked familiar!" Charlie said as he joined them now in the hallway outside of his apartment, "I couldn't quite place you but I knew I've seen you before. I didn't want to be, you know, and ask Donte if he knew you."

"This is the girl from the club that time," Donte explained as Jamie remained silent, keys in hand, "She's Miles' sister."

"Of course," Charlie reached out his hand and she stared at his hand before shaking it, "Charlie."

"Jamie," she finally said something.

"What are you doing here?" Donte asked.

"I live here," she replied flatly, pointing to the apartment that was a few doors from Charlie's.

"Obviously," Donte placed his hand on his forehead, "I didn't know you moved."

"Finished my classes at County," she nodded, "I'm at Barry now. Saving on bus fare and well, I got tired of living down there."

"You're going there now? I can give you a ride if you want."

"I'm good," she smiled, "See you guys around, I guess."
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Soapy wrote:
11 Mar 2019, 08:29
djp73 wrote:
04 Mar 2019, 10:40
he a made man now
if it isn't obvious, donte is half-black. you aint never seen goodfellas slime? ;)
I'd picked up on that, and yes.
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